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My Journey


Having graduated as a pharmacist in 1993 from Liverpool School of Pharmacy, I went to an independent pharmacy group to do my pre-registration training and got on the register of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society as a pharmacist in 1994. For the first year of my life as a pharmacist, I worked as a locum pharmacist working mostly in the Midlands. This gave me the opportunity to see how many of my colleagues and the large chain of pharmacies operated and ran their business. In 1995 I started working as a pharmacist manager for an independent pharmacy that was a 10-minute walk from my home. In October 1998 I got my big break and bought the business, which I had by now been managing for the past three years. I bought that business when it had a turnover of £244k and in the financial year end March 2013 we posted a turnover of £1.6m in that business alone. Also our second branch is expected to have a turnover of almost £400k in our first year of trading. I have started to export medicines to the Middle East and Africa and I am in the process of successfully establishing my Internet pharmacy business. I reveal this to you not to impress you but to impress upon you all of the possibilities that are out there.