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I am also one of the founder members of LIMA (Leicestershire Islamic Medical Association) and through them we created a body of health professionals from all different backgrounds and includes Pharmacist, doctors, consultants, specialists nurses, psychologists, dentists, opticians and so others that volunteer their time to undertake regular health promotion activities in the community. I am also one of the co-founders of Leicestershire Muslim centre for Commerce; this is a body of business men and women to network with each other and helps support the growth of each other.


17 years ago I started to work at a pharmacy called Parks Chemist, which had just been sold twice in the previous three years. When I started there the shop was averaging about 2100 prescription items a month and during my three years there as a manager we managed to increase our prescriptions to about 2500 items per month. Thankfully the proprietor of the business at that time did not take heed to any of the suggestions that I had given to him.


Do you know of any business owners that are so involved in their business that it takes over their life? Often this happens because there is a lack of clarity in their life and especially in their business. Time overtakes them and as they get drawn more and more to working in their business, they get too busy to have time to do anything else. If you are not careful this can happen to you. Then it soon starts to seem that life is passing you by and as each day comes and goes there is more and more frustration. There is a feeling of being trapped and you cannot see where your life and business is heading. If you are a parent, it could mean that before you even realise it, all of your children have grown up and you have been absent from their lives. When you are hit with this realisation it could create a feeling of resentment towards you and perhaps your business too.