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Do you know of any business owners that are so involved in their business that it takes over their life? Often this happens because there is a lack of clarity in their life and especially in their business. Time overtakes them and as they get drawn more and more to working in their business, they get too busy to have time to do anything else. If you are not careful this can happen to you. Then it soon starts to seem that life is passing you by and as each day comes and goes there is more and more frustration. There is a feeling of being trapped and you cannot see where your life and business is heading.

If you are a parent, it could mean that before you even realise it, all of your children have grown up and you have been absent from their lives. When you are hit with this realisation it could create a feeling of resentment towards you and perhaps your business too.

How do you expect your business to grow and be a success when you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, angry and resentful towards it? These emotions and feelings then play out in your life. Is that the life that you had always dreamed about?

Your business should be a platform for creating the life that you want. It should be something that you are proud of building. It becomes the reason why you have had a life of abundance and fulfilment.

This is possible in your business and it is easy to achieve this. Successful business people will visualise what they want. They have clarity for what they want for their business and their life. They have planned and strategised the direction for their business and are well prepared or willing to be innovative when faced with adversaries and challenges. They direct their energies towards achieving their goals and this creates momentum for more success in their business. They are passionate and motivated by their business and it gives them a lot of pleasure going into the business to work. You become part of the gratitude cycle, success breeds more success and that gives you fulfilment and a sense of purpose that allows you to have a lot of gratitude for what you have. You truly can have the life that you want when you have a successful business and this is easy


A truly inspirational person with leadership skills that surpass any that I have seen in my working like.


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